Welcome to Roselyn's Music Studio!

This is the official website of Roselyn Marie’s Music Studio and Classes!

Roselyn Marie is a retired music education teacher. She has spent the last 33 years of her life teaching music classes at Rosedale Park Elementary school. Retirement was hard for Roselyn; not having kids to teach music to was something she missed immensely during her days. So Roselyn she did what anyone would do: she decided to start teaching music lessons from her very own studio! At 68 years old, Roselyn Marie is still giving the gift of music to people, both young and old alike!

Roselyn started her private music lessons in her basement. It was a small and simple set up; she taught both piano and percussion lessons. Roselyn started with 5 students when she was teaching out of her basement, but by the time word got out that this beloved teacher was teaching music again, Roselyn’s students rose to over 15 within the first year. Roselyn knew she was going to have to expand her studio. It was a year into her private music lessons when Roselyn, with the help of her husband and parents of her students, was finally able to open her own music studio outside of her home!

Today, Roselyn is the private music teacher to over 35 students. The ages range from 5 years old, all the way up to 70 years old. Roselyn couldn’t think of a better way to spend her retirement, than to continue to educate those in the field of music. To quote Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Roselyn is available through appointments only (no walk ins accepted, sorry!)

If you would like to inquire about music lessons (piano or percussion) please contact Roselyn Marie at: roselyn@roselynsmusicstudio.com

Her available hours for appointments are:

Monday: 9am-1pm and 4pm-7pm

Tuesday: 9am-1pm and 4pm-7pm

Thursday: 9am-1pm and 4pm-7pm

Friday: 9am-1pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

*Please note, if a holiday falls on one of these days, Roselyn might reschedule your lesson.

This website is maintained by Roselyn Marie’s Grandson, Thomas. If you notice any broken links or anything wrong with the website, please contact thomas at: thomas (at) roselynsmusicstudio.com Thank you!!